If today’s feminists stood for anything at all, they ought to support a woman’s basic right to own her body. Yet today’s “woke” feminists stand for precisely the opposite:

In the West, the feminist movement won basic rights for women to enter into contracts, vote, and change the legal status of women from “property” to “human being.” Faced with the victory of their original aims, modern “third-wave” feminists decided to redefine feminism by combining it with intersectionality.

Intersectionality is the idea that society is dominated by “layers of oppression” such as racism, classism, ableism, ageism and many more. Equality before the law is not enough. Eliminating sexism is not enough. Feminism has been redefined in terms of social justice activism. Intersectionality is the essential idea behind cultural Marxism.

The old-school liberals saw legal discrimination against women and minorities and fought for equality before the law. Through the course of many hard-fought struggles, the principles of justice and (legal) equality was achieved in Western countries.

In the meantime, Marxism came to dominate Western thought. Marxism attributes differences in wealth and status between individuals to class oppression. Marxist materialism rejects ideas and values as the source of individual achievement. Thus, when intellectuals were faced with continuing differences in outcomes despite the achievement of legal equality, Marxist intellectuals traded equality before the law for equality of results.

To eliminate the “layers” of oppression that are responsible for differences in outcome, the culture must be torn down and rebuild. Thus “cultural Marxism:” the idea that culture, not law or institutions are the primary source of oppression. To today’s left, culture is all about tribalism: the dynamic of how different groups struggle over a fixed economic pie, and the forced redistribution of wealth to correct historical injustices.

In the modern world, there are two serious kinds of oppression against women: the oppression of women in Islamic cultures, and the prosecution of sex workers.

Women in many Muslim cultures are still treated largely as property, yet the problem is mostly ignored by the feminist movement. The left’s cultural relativism rejects the idea of objective morality. Differences in the success of various cultures must be due to economic oppression, not philosophy, and Muslims are given victim status in the left’s moral hierarchy — and therefore an immunity against criticism.

In the West, the primary forms of oppression of women are the prohibition of sex work and restrictions of reproductive rights. The freedom to engage in voluntary association with other beings, whether social or romantic, is a fundamental human right. Given that the vast majority of sex workers are women, feminists ought to vigorously defend this right. Yet many feminists have successfully united with conservative in redefining prostitution (sex work) as “sex trafficking.”

To both conservatives and many third-wave feminists, the distinction between voluntary and coercive sex (ie rape) is irrelevant. It’s irrelevant to conservatives because they do not believe that women own their bodies: our bodies belong to God, and therefore rape is a crime against women, but sex outside marriage is a crime against God.

Consent is irrelevant to feminists because they believe that all sex workers are forced into prostitution by poverty. They ultimately view the exchange of money as proof that sex is non-consensual, and therefore morally equivalent to rape. According to third-wave feminist Catharine MacKinnon “In prostitution, women have sex with men they would never otherwise have sex with. The money thus acts as a form of force, not as a measure of consent. It acts like physical force does in rape.”

Not all feminists share this belief but enough do for an alliance between conservatives and feminists that has shut down online forums for sex workers to screen dangerous clients, and forced hotel chains like Marriot to prohibit young single women from hotel bars.