1: Nations don’t have rights. Only people have rights.
2: People have a right to exclude others from their property for any reason. They have no right to exclude people from other’s property or to prevent their association.
3: In the case of infrastructure, public or private, the proper policy is to allow all peaceful people to access it freely.
4: Therefore, all States ought to have a policy of Open Immigration: no restriction of the free movement of labor. Passports and citizenship should be eliminated from our laws and vocabulary. The free movement of peaceful people across borders is a fundamental human right.
5: Therefore, restrictions on immigration violate the rights of both immigrants and those who would allow them on their property, whether it is employers, friends, spouses, or neighbors.
6: Residency in a State does not confer a moral right to another’s property or the right to make decisions about other people’s property (i.e. the right to vote). This applies whether one was born in a State or moved there.
7: Two wrongs do not make a right: the fact that we allow residents of a country to vote or collect stolen goods (welfare) does not justify using violence to restrict the free movement of peaceful labor.
8: A society must apply certain fundamental ethical and legal principles in its laws. The right to decide which principles determine its laws (i.e. participate in the political process) should be restricted to those who have proven themselves trustworthy and of sound judgment, and have the incentives to uphold their nation’s principles — regardless of how they came to live in that society.
9: The right to participate in the political process should be based on objective legal criteria, such as age, property ownership, net worth, or material contribution to certain public services.

10: As citizens, we have a few civic responsibilities to our country. We don’t owe them because we were born or grew up here. Rather, our duty comes from a selfish desire for a better life for ourselves and those we care for.  Among these, is the duty to assist in emergencies, to testify against criminals, to serve on a jury when asked, and most importantly, to speak on behalf of principles which make our civilization possible and denounce those who erode it.
It’s for this last reason that everyone who values American values, civilization, and just law ought to denounce the vicious campaign against immigrants.

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